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Founder and CEO of Mindvalley
A Multi 7-figure Serial Entrepreneur & Mindset Coach
The World’s Leading Breathwork Expert
Latin America's Leading Shaman & Alchemist
A Phenomenal Healer & Energy Practitioner
Europe’s Leading Shaman & Energy Healer
A Highly Sought-after Master Healer
The World's Leading Reiki Master & Alchemist
World’s Renowned Authority On Chakra Systems
The World’s Leading Sixth Generation Shaman
Asia’s Leading Expert & Teacher On Ayurveda
A Unique Crystal Healer & Sound Therapist
An Award-winning Pharmacist & Health Expert
Asia’s Leading Practitioner Of Taoism, Zen, Qi
The World’s Leading Expert On Manifestation
A Global Authority On Energy Healing
The World’s Leading Feng Shui Master
A Certified Integral & Kundalini Yoga Teacher
Asia’s Leading Quantum Healing Hypnotherapist
World's Leading Composer For Sound Healing
World's Leading Composers For Sound Healing
The World’s Leading Sound Healer
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