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Steffen Kirchhoff and Maywa
World's Leading Composers For Sound Healing
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Also known as ALUNA Ritual Music, the synergies of Maywa and Steffen Kirchhoff create spiritual music to help listeners reconnect with the Earth, to harmonise with Nature, and its endless wonders. Steffen and Maywa’s soul mission is to help initiate a shift in human consciousness and Mother Gaia during her ascension process with the powerful healing abilities of sound. Steffen’s music is composed of ambient and nature recordings alchemized with organic progression; such as ceremonial and shamanic instruments created with the intention of healing. Maywa, who spent much of her life in the shipibo tribe in the jungle of the amazon, has a deep connection to the plant world and channels their essence into Ikaros (healing songs) that are the foundations for their co-creations as ALUNA. Steffen and Maywa share their love and medicine at festivals and gatherings across the planet performing cacao ceremonies and healing rituals combined with their music. In 2018, they created their own medicine music label Numa which represents a collective of artists that aim to spread love, ancient/future wisdom and healing energies through organic, multi-cultural and multi-style medicinal music.
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