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Daniel Schotsborg
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Daniel Schotsborg is a composer, researcher and philosopher from the Netherlands. A graduate of the Conservatory for Music in Amsterdam, and University of the Arts in Utrecht. A dedicated student of personal growth since the young age of 11, Daniel’s journey of personal awakening has been largely influenced by the study of everything from Buddhism and Rosicrusians, to the great minds of Sri Aurobindo, Gurdjieff, Tolle and Pythagoras. Daniel's current compositions, through his company Qualia+ sounds, have reached many hundreds of thousands of user downloads to date. Daniel is currently pursuing a PhD where he researches, in cooperation with the Dutch Free University, the affects of sound on the human brain. “Where others see obstacles, I see opportunities. I have a dream of developing a scientifically proven method to heal through sound. My research and passion has lead me into laboratories and discussions with neuroscientists researching the affects of sound on human consciousness. My dream is to compose music that will trigger e.g. hormones and stimulate dormant / passive brain regions, while providing a beautiful sound experience for the listener.” Daniel’s goal is to compose music that naturally enhances the advancement of human consciousness, going beyond what is scientifically known around the positive impact of sound.
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