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Teresa Ong
Asia’s Leading Quantum Healing Hypnotherapist
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Teresa Ong is one of world's leading experts in Soul Regression and Progression, where she utilises her QHHT© (Quantum Healing Hypnosis Therapy) and Hypnotherapy techniques to explore one’s past and even future lives which would reveal precious clues about the living individual’s current life trend and help others to discover their life purpose in this current lifetime. Teresa's sessions can reveal any unhealthy patterns that has carried through many lifetimes, and break the pattern thus creating a new pattern for the soul to evolve further. At the same time, the Higher Self/Subconscious of the Soul will be present to assist with further healing of the body, mind and soul which are highly transformational. Teresa's primary responsibility is to help assist those who have forgotten their soul’s origin, which would help them gain clarity of their true life purpose in this lifetime. Many humans have forgotten how to tap into their soul’s true essence as they were so deeply immersed in their day to day existence and drama, that they lost touch with the most intimate and powerful part of themselves. She weaves her Soul Regression and Progression techniques with Tao Tantric teaching, which advocates our divine right in fulfilment of one’s life purpose; guiding her clients to allow themselves to trust and surrender to their life purpose once its revealed and by living it fully.
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