Anodea Judith
World’s Renowned Authority On Chakra Systems
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9 Chapters
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9 Chapters
Anodea Judith
World’s Renowned Authority On Chakra Systems
About This Class
Become a master of your energetic charge and start living a life of emotional balance, rapid self-healing, vital health, and fulfilling relationships.
About This Class

Anodea Judith, a world-renowned expert of the ancient chakra system, teaches you how to master the energetic charge running through your body so you can live a life of emotional balance, vital health, joyful flow and fulfilling relationships on all levels.

The teachings and tools in this class will help you become fully awake, connected, present and alive in your day-to-day life.

You will understand the psychological nature and tangible principle of your vital energy, and how to incorporate it into your daily life so you can feel great and vital at all times.

As a therapist, Anodea knows that your inner charge is not just an abstract concept. Feeling aliveness flowing through your body, energy centers, chakras and relationships is absolutely tangible and vital to be present and connected. It’s absolutely essential to living life to the fullest potential. She calls it the CHARGE: Consciousness of Having A Real Genuine Experience.

Here’s what Anodea will teach you in this class:

  • How to understand the nature of your charge in order to be able to handle it to your highest good
  • How to manage the natural ways of charging and discharging your body
  • How to find an energetic balance throughout the day and be fully connected with yourself
  • How to address blockages in the body that may cause certain problems on a physical level, creating problems like addictions, diseases as well as the unpleasant emotions and states of mind
  • How to move the charge to change your physical and emotional experience
  • How to understand charge-discharge patterns in your body that you have created through childhood and developed them into the character
  • How to nourish your relationships and enliven all spheres of your life
About Anodea Judith
About Anodea Judith
World’s Renowned Authority On Chakra Systems
Anodea Judith is best known for her groundbreaking work reviving the chakra system of ancient yoga, and its profound correlation to human psychology and the process of manifestation. But before she became a globally renowned speaker, a bestselling author, and one of the most sought-after energy healers today, Anodea was a struggling artist, trying to make ends meet as a single mother with little to no money to her name. Worse still, Anodea had been suffering from Lyme disease – which can lead to severe arthritis, which was left undiagnosed for almost 5 years. It was through an unexpected “vision” of her future book, The Chakra System, yet unwritten, that inspired Anodea to dive even deeper in understanding this ancient bioenergetic system and how to apply it to elevate different dimensions of our lives. Today, Anodea is one of the foremost experts in merging Eastern healing modalities like the chakras with modern Western psychology practices, to help thousands heal past childhood traumas and wake up to their true spiritual essence.
Undestanding Your Charge
9 mins
Charge and Discharge
12 mins
Blockages in Charge
11 mins
Charge and Discharge Cycles
13 mins
Healing With Charge
14 mins
Charge and Chakras
15 mins
Character Structures
16 mins
Charge and Relationships
11 mins
Mastering Your Charge
5 mins
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5 5.0 5
great class
5 5.0 5
Very informative on knowing how to see where we store energy in our bodies received from outside factors. I found the training useful in shifting and healing myself. Thank you 🙏🙏
5 5.0 5
I learned so much! This class was packed full of information.
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