Hang Wang
Asia’s Leading Practitioner Of Taoism, Zen, Qi
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7 Chapters
Hang Wang
Asia’s Leading Practitioner Of Taoism, Zen, Qi
About This Class
Discover how to simplify your spiritual path by gaining clarity on your focus, releasing trauma, nourishing your nervous system, opening your energy channels and empowering your body so you can live a truly spontaneous life.
About This Class

In this class, Asia’s leading practitioner Of Taoism, Zen & Qigong, Hang Wang, helps you activate your spiritual connection by simplifying your path and understanding the key to breaking the limits of your consciousness. You will learn how to embrace stillness, connect to the state of void, expand your energy field, release your traumas, soothe your nervous system, heal your body, restore your natural energy pathways, and let go of your attachments.

You will learn:

  • Making big leaps in your spiritual evolution so you can contribute to the evolution of humanity and feel happy, fulfilled, and empowered.
  • Understanding & overcoming the biggest obstacle on your path.
  • The secret of stillness — how everything emerges out of nothing.
  • Expanding your energy field and tapping into the holographic field.
  • How to reclaim your true self and return to a state of perfect embodiment of your spiritual, astral, and energetic realms.
  • The secret to being effective, efficient & remarkable in this reality.
  • Releasing trauma and unleashing your inner light so you can reconnect fully with your body, mind, and soul.
  • Overcoming old limiting beliefs, self-sabotaging patterns and energy blockages enlisting different spiritual powers and working with your body.
  • The essence of all spiritual practices - how to function in a state of liberation and freedom.
  • Overcoming trauma and releasing tension so you can reconnect with your body more fully, more openly and more intimately.
  • Balancing your nervous system, your hormonal system and your emotional system to enjoy a total reset in our health, happiness and performance.
  • Why opening your energy system and optimizing your body is key to unlocking higher states of spiritual awareness
  • Strengthening your body and amplifying your physical energy, use your body as the perfect accompaniment of your spiritual growth.
  • The three different uses of medicinal herbs and how to use them for detoxing, healing and fighting infections.
  • Raising your Qi energy to arrive at a higher state of being where all resistances and limits breakdown and you feel unstoppable.
  • The key to feeling full connection within and without your physical, emotional and energetic being
  • How Zen, Taoist, & Confucian philosophies differ in looking at health & healing and what that demonstrates when it comes to connecting with the natural world.
  • The key behind the concept of Yin & Yang and how the brighter your light shines the darker your shadows get.
  • Detaching yourself from the love of money, power and lust and going deeper and deeper in your self-love.
  • The key to purifying bad karma without being caught up in its endless cycle.
  • The secret to being in a state of flow and increasing your efficiency as a human being.
  • Surrendering fully to your spiritual path and moving forward in grace to embrace the infinite possibilities around you.
  • The #1 key to spontaneous living and arriving at a place of stillness where the reality will open up to your inner will.

About Hang Wang
About Hang Wang
Asia’s Leading Practitioner Of Taoism, Zen, Qi
Hang Wang is Asia’s leading practitioner of Taoism, Zen, Qi empowerment and healing arts. Hang shares his profound Qi Gong wisdom as a tool to marrying the body awareness, sensitivity, power and structural alignment of the martial tradition, with health and greater spiritual openings. His healing modalities are designed to help you build internal strength, re-connect body, mind, and spirit and align them into one harmonious unit. Hang is the Founder of Ming Herbs, a holistic health approach combined with solution oriented mindset. In his own healing journey, Hang was initiated through many modalities including shamanism, pranic healing, deep bodywork, cranio sacral therapy, esoteric acupuncture, bio-resonance, plasma energy therapy, QXCI, dark field microscopy, plant medicine, past life soul retrieval, sound, and overtone harmonics.
8 mins
Establishing Inner Stillness
8 mins
Releasing Trauma
15 mins
Enhancing Your Health
11 mins
Opening Up Your Channels
10 mins
Spiritual Pitfalls And Illusions
10 mins
Surrendering To Your Path
7 mins
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5 5.0 5
I needed to hear this.
5 5.0 5
Thank you for guiding me further towards my spiritual journey
5 5.0 5
Outstanding class! Love how he simplifies all the complex things about the flow of energy, traumas and other divine experiences. Thank you!
5 5.0 5
Really looking forward to Hangs lesson
5 5.0 5
5 5.0 5
great class, enjoyed thoroughly
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