Klemen Struc
Soulvana's Co-Founder & CEO
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12 Chapters
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12 Chapters
Klemen Struc
Soulvana's Co-Founder & CEO
About This Class
Discover how to start positively impacting an ever-increasing number of people, turn your healing abilities into a growing source of passive income and start living a life of financial abundance.
About This Class

Klemen Struc, CEO and co-founder of Soulvana, teaches you the revolutionary and hyper-effective framework to positively impact an ever-increasing number of human lives faster and at a deeper level, and turn your skills, talents and abilities to help people into a fulfilling source of income that lets you live a life of freedom, independence, and financial abundance.

This class is perfect if you are a spiritual / energy healer, therapist, light-worker, guide, shaman, coach, author, speaker, teacher or facilitator, you possess certain skills, talents or abilities that can help people resolve various life challenges, or obtain various life objectives, and you feel called to heal, enlighten, awaken, inspire, empower, transform or positively impact in any other way as many people as possible.

You’ll learn a specific methodology of creating remarkable and hyper-transformational meditations, healings, activations, ceremonies and other experiential programs that positively transform human lives like nothing else, establishing trust and connection between you and the people you help.

What you'll learn:

  1. The 4 trends that shape today’s reality and society, and why they bring unprecedented opportunity to everyone with skills, gifts, talents or abilities that can help people
  2. How to creating hyper-effective meditations, healings, activations and other programs, content and experiences that positively impact, enlighten and transform human lives like nothing else
  3. How to establish a strong emotional connection and trust between you (the healer) and the person you’re helping (clients, customers, website visitors, social media followers, etc)
  4. The 4 key elements of hyper-transformative programs
  5. The missing piece in the puzzle of abundance for so many talented and established healers
  6. The dynamic and differences between Active Income and Passive Income
  7. 3 pillars of Impact Mastery: Create Value vs. Deliver Value vs Receive Value
  8. Plus much more.
About Klemen Struc
About Klemen Struc
Soulvana's Co-Founder & CEO
Klemen Struc is the co-founder and CEO of Soulvana, Mindvalley’s platform for enlightening and raising the consciousness of humanity through modern spirituality and online group meditations. Born and raised in a small town of Celje in Slovenia, Klemen’s spiritual journey lead him to join Mindvalley in 2015. Today, he is one of the key people leading Mindvalley on its mission towards touching 1 billion lives and accelerating human transformation on a planetary scale.
5 mins
The Story & Origins Of This Class
8 mins
The Best Time Ever To Be Healer
10 mins
Impact Mastery Explained
10 mins
Four Key Elements of Hyper-Transformational Programs
6 mins
Vivid Storytelling
8 mins
The Place-Connection Effect
6 mins
The Unity-Connection Effect
4 mins
The Contribution Effect
8 mins
Three pillars of Impact Mastery
11 mins
Active vs. Passive Income
7 mins
The Path To Financial Freedom & Abundance
6 mins
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Very good practical advice from Klemen highly recommended! 👑 ✨ 👑
5 5.0 5
love klemen
5 5.0 5
Very inspirational and Klemen breaks everything down so simply that it makes everything feel very easy.
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