Manex Ibar
Europe’s Leading Shaman & Energy Healer
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11 Chapters
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11 Chapters
Manex Ibar
Europe’s Leading Shaman & Energy Healer
About This Class
Awaken your inner magic and unique gifts of your Spirit to empower and enhance your human experience in whatever you do in life.
About This Class

Manex Ibar, an internationally recognized shaman and energy healer from Basque with over 25 years of shamanic experiences, teaches you the incredible wisdom and magic of shamanism through very practical and simple tools that you can use in daily your life to level up your human experience and elevate your spiritual practice.

This class will help you awaken your inner shaman that is dormant within you to empower your Spirit and bring back that incredible magic into your daily life in a very practical and simple way.

You will learn:

  • How to connect with fundamental elements of nature and experience them directly
  • How to access and cultivate your inner secret garden to elevate your spiritual practice;
  • How to connect with your power animal to empower yourself with your unique spiritual essence;
  • How to connect with your spirit guides to get inspiration from the higher consciousness;
  • How to create sacred space by invoking the medicine wheel;
  • How to understand the consciousness of plants and extract the essence of those plants to enrich your life.
  • How to use subconscious archetypes and patterns to enhance your daily life;
  • How to enter the state of sensual ecstasy to liberate your mind, access your sacred heart, and amplify your creative life-force energy;
  • How to celebrate life through daily rituals and tune into the sacred energy of ceremonies. 

About Manex Ibar
About Manex Ibar
Europe’s Leading Shaman & Energy Healer
Manex Ibar is an internationally recognized shaman and energy healer from Basque with over 25 years of shamanic experiences. Manex is a multi-talented spiritual scientist and entrepreneur of consciousness and sustainable life systems, guiding individuals and businesses towards optimization through a combination of modalities including Human Design, Energetics, Remote Viewing, Shamanism, Kabbala, and genetics. Born with clairvoyance abilities and heightened intuition, he is deeply invested in science, media, sound, nature, and spirituality. The breadth of his profession and studies allow him to travel the world, encountering many consciousnesses and cultures. Following his father’s footsteps, a renowned physicist, Manex graduated from NYU as a sound engineer with minors in physics & math, combining his love of music and science. In the digital audio field, Manex was sought after for his vision, leadership, and technical understanding.
Reconnect With Your Inner Shaman
9 mins
Connect With The Elementals
14 mins
Cultivate Your Inner Secret Garden
7 mins
Connect With Your Spirit Through Power Animal
11 mins
Connect With Your Spirit Guides
7 mins
Empower Your Inner Child
7 mins
Create The Medicine Wheel
16 mins
Connect With Sacred Plants
6 mins
Understand Subconscious Archetypes
8 mins
Charge Your Sensual Energy
12 mins
Celebrate Life Through A Ceremony
11 mins
Latest reviews
5 5.0 5
I'm honoured to have had the opportunity to listen to Manex's amazing knowledge on Shamanism. I so want to hear more pleeeeeze
5 5.0 5
5 5.0 5
Beautiful experience🙏🙏🙏I’m exploring a deeper connection to plant, Crystal and animal kingdoms. It’s such a wonderful experience. Thank you
5 5.0 5
Totally love 💗 this ..
5 5.0 5
Absolutely loved this course!! It not only reached, but exceeded my expectations for the class. It also left me with the desire to know more, to explore deeper into this subject. Assuming the instructor, Manex, will actually see this review I want to say this...You did a wonderful job! I thoroughly enjoyed the class and found it fascinating! My one and only suggestion is that it might be a good idea to leave the listener with some suggestions on how to go deeper into this subject, maybe books and such that you found to be the most informative and interesting on your own journey and then, of course, any other tools, courses, etc you would suggest that would be useful for those wanting to explore these chapter topics and/or this subject as a whole even more. Thank you so much for bringing us this awesome class!
5 5.0 5
Thank you Manx! This class has been a rewarding spiritual transformation. The beach is my temple of connection and I go almost everyday. I believe it a local tribes spiritual land. I will share some pictures in the future.
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